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Cheerful. Demonstrative. Trustworthy.

Those are the three adjectives used most to describe a Golden Retriever and it's those characteristics that led Mike Minick to name his design company "Green Boy Brand." Green Boy was the name of the litter that Mike plucked his beloved English Creme Golden from and it's those same characteristics that Mike brings every day to his Green Boy Brand headquarters in Minneapolis.

Mike is a graphic designer, following in family footsteps that have done some of the best sign painting work in the Twin Cities for years. Mike has combined his artistic gene with the work ethic and enthusiasm of his Golden Retriever to form Green Boy Brand, a cutting edge manufacturer of a line of artistic, stylish and comfortable tee-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and more. Green Boy Brand is all about being casual and comfortable while maintaining a sense of style. It is a private label that takes pride in its work and gives each order a personal touch that you can't get from the big box companies. When you're looking for that favorite tee-shirt to watch a movie marathon in, you'll reach for your Green Boy tee.